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In Shape With Sharon

Personal Trainer


"Sharon has been my Personal Trainer for eight months and in that time I have seen a tremendous difference in my muscular strength and endurance. She has used a wide variety of exercises to improve my fitness and is able to vary the sessions so I am always motivated and challenged.

Despite my having a long term knee problem,Sharon has been able to adapt the sessions so I can always succeed. The regular exercise is helping me manage my condition and improve my ability to cope on a daily basis.

Sharon is always enthusiastic and smiling, which really helps with early morning sessions. She has great knowledge about the body systems, different training methods and gives me sound nutritional advice, which is keeping me on track and helping me achieve my best.

Bridget Heath, Odiham, Hampshire.

Deciding to sign up to Personal Training sessions with Sharon was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Normally I would just go to the gym and half-heartedly plod along on the CV machines, not really knowing what to do and wondering why I wasn't seeing any results. After a few sessions with Sharon it wasn't long before I could see a difference in my appearance and also in my fitness levels, even small things like climbing a few flights of stairs that before used to leave me puffed out but are now no problem. Sharon's motivational and friendly approach makes me look forward to my weekly sessions instead of dreading the gym and with the programmes that she gives me, I feel confident to use the gym on my own.

Louise Rich, Basingstoke.